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Our website gives affiliates a huge inventory of products to choose from. You can market whichever offer you like. We offer topmost price without hidden costs. Take the help of our technological armory to maximize your earnings.

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General Information for TV Processing Affiliates

1. Who Can Become a Affiliate?
We encourage you to join our affiliate program if you’re a publisher who has traffic on live stream sports nich. We do not accept movie traffic or any vod traffic. We welcome all websites in the live sports industry niche and any business with the ability to make direct referrals to their professional network.
That being said, we’re selective. Our affiliate team manually screens each applicant’s website. There are some common reasons why we reject applications.

We generally do not accept:
Publishers or blogs without a significant amount of relevant, high-quality content
Websites under construction or unfinished
Websites without their own domain name
Websites that display lists of tools or services with no further information
Websites without an affiliate disclosure
Coupons and deals websites
We do not accept websites containing adult content, inappropriate content, or content regulated or illegal in any of the countries we operate in.

2. Do I Need to Be a member to Become an Affiliate?
No. But you should try our member area, it’s awesome!

3. How Do I Join the Affiliate Program?
Easy! To apply, head to and click “Join now”. We’ll ask you to fill in some standard information about your site and your promotional methods. Then, our affiliate team will manually review your application.
You’ll receive an email with our decision within 3 business days. If your application is approved, you’ll gain access to the dashboard and its affiliate materials. We’ll also send you some great tips and event list to start earning commissions!

4. How Do I Create My Affiliate Link?
Log in to the affiliate dashboard, click on the “Affiliate info” link and select "Banners and Links", use any URL you’d like to link.

5. Do You Use a Third-Party Platform to Track Sales?
No. We’ve built our affiliate dashboard from the ground up. We stand behind our data and encourage you to double-check with your own measurements. We track referrals through affiliate links that place a cookie on the customer’s browser.

6. I Can’t Log in to the Dashboard
First, make sure that you are trying to log in to our affiliates dashboard by heading to The affiliates dashboard is a separate platform from the member dashboard. If you are still unable to log in, email "[email protected]".

7. How Much Commission Do I Get for Each Referred Customer?
You earn for every reffered customer payment. The amount is calculated based on the plan the customer subscribes. A 50% to 60% commission paid to affiliates for every payment of the customer he reffered.

8. I Just Made a Referral, but It Wasn’t Tracked
TV Processing affiliate dashboard can show a new referral instantly. To see your conversions, log in to the dashboard and click on the “Affiliate info” link and select statistics.

9. Payment Terms
We send payments to affiliates twice a month.

10. Payment Method
Paypal, Payoneer, BTC and Wire Transfer method available to receive affiliate commissions.

11. Am I Allowed to Run Paid Ads?
We don’t have any objections if you run paid ads to drive traffic to a page on your site that contains a our affiliate link.
If you have any more question please contact with your affiliate manager.
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